Aquatic Ecodynamics


We teach into few different areas and Degree Majors at The University of Western Australia:.

Geography Major within the Bachelor of Science.

Environmental Science Major within the Bachelor of Science.

Engineering Science Major.


ENVT2251 - Environmental Hydrology .

This unit provides a holistic introduction into the field of hydrology with a focus on process understanding of water balance. It covers quantitative description of the land surface and subsurface components of the hydrological cycle ans students gain an understanding through exposition of fundamental theories in leatcures as well as computer-based data analyses and field work that introduces field measurement techniques and data analysis. Associate Professor Hipsey coordinates this course.

ENVT3362 - Environmental Modelling .

Decision making for managing environmental systems is increasingly guided by modelling studies in which risks are quantified and future scenarios are assessed. Students are introduced step-by-step to model building of environmental systems drawn from examples such as climate change impact on biodiversity, water and contaminant movement in disturbed landscapes, greenhouse gas effects on the climate system etc.. Associate Professor Hipsey coordinates this course.


ENVT4403 - Coastal and Estuarine Processes .

SCIE5501 - Advanced Modelling .