Aquatic Ecodynamics



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22/6/15: Matt Hipsey convening an IAHS workshop at the upcoming IUGG meeting in Prague Advancing water quality prediction

18/6/15: AED group presented modelling tools at the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities Modelling Workshop

22/9/14: Well done to Janaine Coletti and Ana Laura Ruibal on being awarded their PhD!

20/7/14: Welcome to UWA Gledden Fellow Sergei Katsev, working with AED group on sediment and lake geochemistry

5/12/13: Matt awarded MODSIM Early Career Research Excellence Award by MSSANZ for 2013!

1/12/13: AED group attending MODSIM in Adelaide

30/11/13: Louise on visiting fellowship to work with Chesapeake Bay researchers

28/11/13: Matt, Louise and Ana Laura deliver 2 day WQ workshop in Cordoba, Argentina

4/11/13: AED group attending GLEON15 in Argentina

3/10/13: Alice attends the South Asia Microbial Ecology workshop (ASIAME) in Nha Trang, Vietnam

1/10/13: GLM v1.3.2 available

1/09/13: New ARC Linkage project with UTas and HydroTasmania - Resilience of lake ecosystems to water level manipulation

20/07/13: Matt gives invited presentation at IAHS in Gothenberg on Water Quality

1/04/13: Louise awarded Faye Gale fellowship to visit Chesapeake Bay Lab!

1/11/12: Matt awarded a ARC Discovery grant - Resilience of biogeochemical cycles along a catchment-coast continuum

AED - Aquatic Ecodynamics Research Group

Welcome to our homepage. We are based on the School of Earth and Environment at UWA and are part of Environmental Dynamics and Ecohydrology (EDE) research cluster. We conduct research into aquatic systems, ecohydrology and water quality.

Aquatic System Science and Ecohydrology Research

The Aquatic Ecodynamics research group studies the functional interrelations between hydrology, biogeochemistry and biota across a range of scales to understand and predict the response of inland and coastal water ecosystems to variation in land-use practices and climatic forcing.

Research Areas

Our research group conducts process studies that strategically combine hydrodynamics, microbial trophic interactions and aquatic biogeochemistry with a range of state-of-the-art modelling approaches. Our main research themes are:

  • Computational aquatic dynamics
  • Ecohydrological analyses of wetlands and waterways
  • The dynamics of catchment systems

Management of our Aquatic Environments and Catchment Systems

Over the past two decades the decline and eventual loss of wetlands and waterways across the globe, including lakes, reservoirs, rivers and estuaries, has been more rapid than for other natural systems.

Our research aims to unravel how humans, through agricultural and urban development and changes to climate regimes, impact on inland and coastal aquatic ecosystems. Through better understanding of the processes that lead to deterioration of water quality and aquatic habitat, new knowledge can be found to support sustainable policies and practices that can ultimately reduce risks to human health and prevent the loss of plant and animal species.

Please navigate the site to view our research activities