Aquatic Ecodynamics



5/12/13: Matt awarded MODSIM Early Career Research Excellence Award by MSSANZ for 2013!

1/12/13: AED group attending MODSIM in Adelaide

30/11/13: Louise on visiting fellowship to work with Chesapeake Bay researchers

28/11/13: Matt, Louise and Ana Laura deliver 2 day WQ workshop in Cordoba, Argentina

4/11/13: AED group attending GLEON15 in Argentina

3/10/13: Alice attends the South Asia Microbial Ecology workshop (ASIAME) in Nha Trang, Vietnam

1/10/13: GLM v1.3.2 available

1/09/13: New ARC Linkage project with UTas and HydroTasmania - Resilience of lake ecosystems to water level manipulation

20/07/13: Matt gives invited presentation at IAHS in Gothenberg on Water Quality

1/04/13: Louise awarded Faye Gale fellowship to visit Chesapeake Bay Lab!

1/11/12: Matt awarded a ARC Discovery grant - Resilience of biogeochemical cycles along a catchment-coast continuum


Science and community pinpoint algal bloom causes .