Aquatic Ecodynamics



Matt Hipsey

Matt is an Associate Professor in the Geography and Environmental Science disciplines of the School of Earth and Environment and he leads the AED Group.

Matthew R Hipsey

Louise Bruce

Louise is a Research Associate working on modelling estuary and lake biogeochemistry. She has extensive experience developing our GLM and AED model platforms and using the models to assess ecosystem health and resilience.

Jana Coletti

Jana is a Research Associate and works in the area of ecohydrology and wetland dynamics. She has developed the WET0D model platform for assessing wetland vegetation-hydrology interactions.

Sri Adiyanti

Yanti is a Research Associate and works on modelling lake and estuarine dynamics. She is working to develop an isotope-enabled version of our AED model library and also interested in data-assimilation approaches.

Alice Gedaria

Alice is a microbial ecologist interested in estuarine and coastal phytoplankton. She works part-time with the AED group in the area of phytoplankton taxonomy and aquatic microbiology.


Casper Boon

Casper is a Senior Software Engineer and responsible for software development.

Brendan Busch

Brendan is a Senior Research Engineer and responsible for data analysis and model systems.