Aquatic Ecodynamics


Water quality in the Swan River Estuary

We conduct research on the Swan River Estuary in Western Australia related to nutrient cycling, water quality and anoxia using a range of laboratory, modelling and remote sensing techniques.

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Nutrient accounting in the Caboolture River Estuary

We utilise an innovative combination of stable carbon, nitrogen, oxygen (12C, 15N, 18O) and radioactive radon (222Rn) isotopes, process measurements and coupling 3-D hydrodynamic and isotope-enabled biogeochemical model for performing nutrients accounting of Caboolture Estuary.

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Quantifying the resilience of complex aquatic landscapes to environmental changes

Here we report on a strategy being applied for the lower Murray River, Australia, that integrates models of terrestrial landscapes, riparian ecohydrology and surface water hydrodynamic-ecological models in conjunction with sensor network data.

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Ecohydrology of South-west WA wetlands

The south-west of Western Australia is predicted to experience a rapid change in its climate this century, with warmer temperatures expected alongside a marked reduction in rainfall.

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Lake Toolibin project information is here.

Other Projects

Resilience of lake ecosystems to water level manipulation
ARC Linkage Project: CI's Leon Barmuta (UTas) & Matthew Hipsey are collaborating with HydroTasmania (Dr Carolyn Maxwell) to answer the question: Which lakes recover from fluctuations in water level and which do not? Manipulations of water levels in lakes will need to intensify as droughts become more frequent. Our aim in this project is to develop robust ways of forecasting how lakes will respond to changes in manipulations of water levels, to minimise extinctions and maintain aesthetics and water quality.

Unraveling the nitrogen cycle in a periodically anoxic estuary
ARC Linkage Project (Lead CI Perran Cook, Monash Uni)

Assessment of seawater flooding in the Lower Lakes, South Australia
South Australian Water Corporation

Lower Lakes water quality recovery
SA Government Department of Environment and Natural Resources

New Knowledge from the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network
US National Science Foundation (Lead CI Paul Hanson, UW-Madison)

Hydrodynamic and water quality dynamics of the Lower Murray
South Australian Water Corporation.

Functional links between estuaries and their catchments: How does land use change affect estuarine ecological and bio-geochemical function?
ARC Linkage Project (Lead CI Perran Cook, Monash Uni)

Animals on the move: An integrated approach to selecting wetland conservation reserves under climate change
ARC Linkage Project (Lead CI Nicki Mitchell)

BioRisk - Assessment of wetland biodiversity asset response to altered hydrological dynamics in a changing climate
WA Department of Parks & Wildlife