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AED2 (2016 release: libaed2 1.2 )

Update notes:

Pre-compiled binaries and source code are available for download via links in the below table. Note that AED is not a standalone model, but a library that must be connected with a host model. For GLM, the combined GLM-AED2 model package is released as a single executable. For TUFLOW-FV, the AED2 library (libaed2) and coupler library (libfvaed2) must both be downloaded.

The General Lake Model (GLM) is 1D driver for lake simulation, and comes pre-compiled with libaed2 included within the executable, and inlcudes an in-built coupler library. Note the GLM release version is not the same as the libaed2 version, refer to the GLM release notes.

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A standalone library including the AED2 modules is available pre-compiled for various operating systems and versions below.

Goto libaed2 Download

To connect libaed2 with TUFLOW-FV, users must also include the coupler library libfvaed2 in their executable directory. Note that currently two branches are maintained: "master" and "dev", and the chosen version should match the chosen libaed2.

Goto libfvaed2 Download

The original AED code-base was designed to be compatible with the FABM framework. Note this version is no longer maintained.

Visit FABM GitHub

The AED2 code-base is available from GitHub. Note that currently two branches are maintained: "master" and "dev".
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Release History

2014 release (libaed2 1.0)

libaed2 model library

TuflowFV-AED2 coupler library

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