Related Software

AED: Aquatic Ecodynamics library

The AED library is also developed at UWA and designed to couple with GLM for simulation of water quality attributes and aquatic ecology. It is coupled to GLM via the FABM framework, outlined below, or the new AED2 version couples directly to GLM.

FABM: The Framework for Aquatic Biogeochemical Models

FABM is a software framework for simulating biogeochemical models. It allows multiple bio-geochemical models to be configured and interact with each other, and for those models to connect with a diverse array of hydrodynamic drivers (e.g. GLM).

glmtools: R Toolbox for GLM

The model may be managed within the R environment using the GLM Tools toolbox, developed by USGS.

LA: Lake Analyser

The model results are able to be analysed using the Lake Analyzer program developed by Read et al. (2012). In particular modellers can use this tool to compare their simulations against metrics such as thermocline depth, lake number and Schmidt stability etc. Refer to lake results for examples. MATLAB scripts to use GLM with LA are available .

MCMC: MCMC Toolbox

The model may be run with the MCMC Toolbox For Matlab in order to quantify uncertainty in model predictions. MATLAB scripts to use GLM with the MCMC toolbox are available .

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