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This page is under construction. Please contact the AED Research Group to discuss advanced model use and potential research applications.

Overview & code access

Host Model Name Source Code
AED2 GitHub
AED2+ GitHub (registration required)
AED2+ GitHub (registration required)
FV-AED2 GitHub
Telemac TELEMAC SVN code repository
Bring your own Connect your own code - see the linking section below


The AED2 & AED2+ code-base is available from GitHub (as libaed2 and libaed2-plus, respectively). Note that two branches are maintained for each: "master" and "dev".

For linux users, a repository called AED Tools has been set-up to automatically fetch the required repositories (scripted for linux via

For windows users, a win directory is included with a Visual Studio project file.

Note that AED2+ code requires access via a registration, and GitHub user name. Please contact us for more information.

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