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documentation for these modules is pending.

Variable Summary & Setup Options

Variable Name Description Units Variable Type Core/Optional
BIV_{group} bivalve group $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic core
BIV_filtfrac filtered fraction of water % pelagic optional : biv_tracer = .true.
Variable Name Description Units Variable Type Core/Optional
BIV_tgrz total rate of food filtration/grazing in the water column $$mmol C\,m^{-3}\,day^{-1}$$ pelagic diagnostic core
BIV_nmp net mussel production $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic core
BIV_tbiv total bivalve density (all groups) $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic core
BIV_grz net bivalve filtration/grazing $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic core
BIV_resp net bivalve respiration $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic core
BIV_mort net bivalve mortality $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic core
BIV_excr net bivalve excretion $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic core
BIV_egst net bivalve egestion (faeces) $$mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic core
BIV_fT bivalve temperature limitation - benthic diagnostic optional : extra_diag=.true.
BIV_fD bivalve sediment limitation - benthic diagnostic optional : extra_diag=.true.
BIV_fG bivalve food limitation - benthic diagnostic optional : extra_diag=.true.
BIV_fR filtration rate $$m^{3}\, mmol C\,m^{-2}\,day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic optional : extra_diag=.true.
BIV_pf pseudofeaces production rate $$day^{-1}$$ benthic diagnostic optional : extra_diag=.true.
Parameter Name Description Units Parameter Type Default Typical Range Comment
num_biv number of zooplankton groups - integer 0-3 -
the_biv list of ID's of groups in aed_zoo_pars.nml (len=num_phyto) - integer 1/03/2017 -
n_zones number of sediment zones where bivalves will be active - integer - - -
active_zones the vector of sediment zones to include - integer (vector) - - -
biv_tracer opton to include water column tracer tracking filtration amount - boolean .false. - -
biv_feedback switch to enable/disable feedbacks between bivalve metabolism and water column variable concentration - boolean .false. - -
dn_target_variable water column variable to receive DON excretion - string - - -
pn_target_variable water column variable to receive PON egestion/mortality - string - - -
dp_target_variable water column variable to receive DOP excretion - string - - -
pp_target_variable water column variable to receive POP egestion/mortality - string - - -
dc_target_variable water column variable to receive DOC excretion - string - - -
pc_target_variable water column variable to receive POC egestion/mortality - string - - -
do_uptake_variable water column variable providing DO concentration - string - - -
ss_uptake_variable water column variable providing SS concentration - string - - -
dbase = 'AED2/aed2_bivalve_pars.nml' - - string aed2_bivalve_pars.nml' AED2/aed2_bivalve_pars.nml' -
extra_diag switch to enable/disable extra diagnostics to be output - boolean .false. - -
biv_fixedenv switch to enable/disable environmental variables to be fixed (for testing) - boolean .false. - -
fixed_temp fixed temperature C float - 20 -
fixed_oxy fixed oxygen concentration $$mmol O_2\,m^{-3}$$ float - 300 -
fixed_food fixed food concentration $$mmol C\,m^{-3}$$ float - 20 -

An example nml block for the bivalve module is shown below.

&aed2_bivalve num_biv = 2 the_biv = 1,2 ! dn_target_variable='' ! dissolved nitrogen target variable pn_target_variable='' ! particulate nitrogen target variable dp_target_variable='' ! dissolved phosphorus target variable pp_target_variable='' ! particulate phosphorus target variable dc_target_variable='' ! dissolved carbon target variable pc_target_variable='' ! particulate carbon target variable do_uptake_variable='OXY_oxy' ! oxygen uptake variable ss_uptake_variable='' ! oxygen uptake variable !FIX FROM ERIE! !n_zones, active_zones, extra_diag,& !simBivTracer, simBivFeedback, simStaticBiomass, & !dbase, simFixedEnv, fixed_temp, fixed_sal, fixed_oxy, fixed_food, & initFromDensity /


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