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Zooplankton biomass is simulated through the processes of food assimilation and losses from respiration, excretion, egestion, predation and mortality..

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aed2_zooplankton : Mass balance and functions related to the phytoplankton model

Net zooplankton growth is calculated as a balance between food assimilation and losses from respiration, excretion, egestion, predation and mortality. Food assimilation is calculated as the product of the maximum potential rate of grazing, assimilation efficiency and temperature and food limitation functions. A constant internal nutrient ratio is assumed for simplicity, and since the various input and output fluxes have variable C:N:P ratios, the excretion of nutrients is dynamically adjusted each time-step to maintain this ratio at each time step.

Variable Summary & Setup Options

Variable Name Description Units Variable Type Core/Optional
ZOO_{Group} zooplanton group $$mmol C\,m^{-3}\,day^{-1}$$ pelagic core
Variable Name Description Units Variable Type Core/Optional
ZOO_GRZ net zooplankton grazing $$mmol C\,m^{-3}\,day^{-1}$$ pelagic diagnostic core
ZOO_RESP net zooplankton respiration $$mmol C\,m^{-3}\,day^{-1}$$ pelagic diagnostic core
ZOO_MORT net zooplankton mortality $$mmol C\,m^{-3}\,day^{-1}$$ pelagic diagnostic core
Parameter Name Description Units Parameter Type Default Typical Range Comment
num_zoops number of zooplankton groups - integer 0-3 -
the_zoops list of ID's of groups in aed_zoo_pars.nml (len=num_phyto) - integer 1/03/2017 -
dX_target_variable state variable to provide/receive dissolved OM - string - - -
pX_target_variable state variable linked to provided/receive particulate OM - string - - -

An example nml block for the phytoplankton module is shown below.NOTE: Users must supply a valid "aed_zoo_pars.nml" file.

&aed2_zooplankton num_zoops = 1 the_zoops = 1 dn_target_variable='' ! dissolved nitrogen target variable pn_target_variable='' ! particulate nitrogen target variable dp_target_variable='' ! dissolved phosphorus target variable pp_target_variable='' ! particulate phosphorus target variable dc_target_variable='' ! dissolved carbon target variable pc_target_variable='' ! particulate carbon target variable dbase = '../External/AED2/aed2_zoop_pars.nml' simZoopFeedback = .false. /


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